The identity of a contemporary person is defined by his/her possessions. The things we own are perceived to guarantee success, happiness and confidence in ourselves. Today's media and advertisement heavily reinforce limitless consumption and continuous replacement of goods, making this phenomenon a staple of contemporary society.

The art project “Sheep droppings of wool” is an installation of felt objects, accompanied by a video act filmed in the marketplace. During this act, sheep droppings of wool, packed by professional artists according to food administration labeling requirements, are presented together with food items and frequently purchased consumer goods. In view of massive and compulsive propensity to consume, consume, and consume, the art object is transferred into unusual space of traditional shopping. The video records shoppers' reactions and their interest in “unexpected” art product as manifestation of consumption habits of today's society.

Sheep Droppings of Wool

Composition: 100% sheep wool
Nutritious value: 0
Artistic value: fair
Calorific value: considerable
It is recommended to keep in light and well ventilated place
Shelf life: unlimited
Production date: 2005 11 05
Manufacturer: group "White Moths"
Užupio str. 16 – 30, Vilnius, Lietuva

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