Suktinis is one of the oldest folk dances, which distinctive feature is circling around in pairs. Therefore, the symbolism and meanings of the dance have inevitable inter-cultural links with other cultures of the world. In agrarian cultures, spinning around the Maypole was directly related to a cult of fertility, the birth of a new life. Whirling dervishes in the Sufi tradition – a spiritual journey towards perfection.

The kinetic installation WHIRLABOUT, as if made of lots of spokes strung with multicoloured silk beads, just as variegated as the world, is supplemented with video films also telling about intercultural experiences emerging in today’s context. It is not a documentary of the creative process; it is an expression of the very idea of the work, featuring the flow of life and the pulsating substance.

The magic substance used for the textile installation is Asian wealth – silk, which trade routes bridged the East with the West already in ancient times. In modern times, silk, as litmus paper highlighting the cultural differences between the East and the West, between scarcity and surplus, is no longer so valued, although it requires thousands of silkworms to produce it.

Providing viewers the opportunity to watch the whirling strings both from outside and inside, the interactive installation is exhibited against a black background so that to make usual space and time limits disappear and to set to fancy experience.

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