About the symposium
International symposium FELT 2014 Lietuviškai

About the symposium

International symposium FELT 2014

International symposium FELT 2014 was held at Panemune Castle on 18-29 August. The theme of the symposium was titled “Dynamic Textiles: from Local Contexts to Interdisciplinary Experiments“ and it aimed at discovering unexpected connections and contrasts, to gain in-depth insights into the margins of the textile art, to focus on the dynamic side of the textiles.

The artistic ideas open up the theme in a wide spectrum. Karolina Kunčinaitė and Vytautas Tumėnas produce a boat representing the castle. In the gallery’s space the floating castle connects Nemunas with Kerala backwaters (India), own land with the foreign, past with present. Historical connection appears also in the co-work of Havva Halaceli Metlioglu and Mehmet Metlioglu. It aims to emphasize the transfer of knowledge from generation to generation. The lace represents rich and delicate history of Panemunė Castle while metal threads represent firm and lasting structure of the building. Threads and yarns also come into Austė Jurgelionytė-Varnė’s work. Knitted swings spea about the continuous life ritual episode; the narration is playful and light. Cleio-Anastasia Papaioannou also goes for the playful tone. Departing from Renaissance tapestries, she creates a wall-climbing installation, talking about fertility and the symbols that represent it – a woman’s vagina and spermatozoids. Eglė Ganda Bogdanienė also departs from the tapestries; she assembles a highly colourful carpet from wool fibre that is later jumbled and damaged by a contemporary dancing couple.

Participants: Participants of the symposium were Eglė Ganda Bogdanienė, Dovilė Gudačiauskaitė, Karolina Kunčinaitė, Kęstutis Litvinas, Havva Halaceli Metlioglu ir Mehmet Metlioglu (Turkey), Lukas Motiejūnas, Cleio-Anastasia Papaioannou (Greece), Lina Rukevičiūtė-Raišienė, Vytautas Tumėnas, Austė Jurgelionytė Varnė ir Artūras Varnas.

The symposium was accompained by exhibitions in Panemune Castle, The Civic Art Gallery in Panevezys, Gallery “Academy”, Vilnius.

Curators: Laura Pavilonytė-Ežerskienė, Raminta Bumbulytė

Organizers: PI „White Moths“

Partners: Vilnius Academy of Arts, The Civic Art Gallery in Panevėžys

Supporters: Lithuanian Cultural Council, The memorial museum of the sculptor Vincas Grybas